DELIVERY DATE: Monday, September 26th

Welcome to the Nutritional Infomercial WebQuest!Take a moment to stop and think about this fact, "67% of Americans (200 million) are overweight or obese" (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). As of right now this generation of children probably will not live as long as expected for a healthy person. This is a scary realization, but there is something that can be done, and with your help we can help others make the changes necessary to creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.


Your group, which consists of a textile personal, graphic designer, a researcher, a producer, and actors and actresses, works for the US National Health Association( advertisement department. You have all just left a board meeting where your boss has informed all six advertisement associates that he wants a creative infomercial that stresses the importance of healthy eating.
Your group's task to create an exciting infomercial that explains the differences between appetite and hunger, what stimulates appetite, and how does micro/macronutrients help in satisfying our body’s needs when hungry. The infomercial is not going to be used to sell a product; it is being used to relay the message about healthy eating habits. The challenge is there are five other advertisement associates that want their work broadcast and only one infomercial will be published. Your group must win the advertisement infomercial design assignment in order for your group's product (iMovie) to be broadcast. The target audience is the boss and the board of directors; the group will create an iMovie for the product.


Step 1. Research Portion:

1. Your infomercial must include facts about macro/micronutrients using these websites: Proteins/Amino Acid: Carbohydrates Fats and Oils Micronutrients/Minerals Vitamins

2. Infomercial must include facts about hunger versus appetite using these websites:
Health and Diet: Five Foods that Fight Hunger Pains
Potatoes Goodness Unearthed: Hunger, Appetite, and Satiety
The Food Chart

3. Infomercial must include facts about healthy eating recommendations using these websites:
Food Reflections
Ask the Dietitian: Ten Simple Eating Habits to Prevent Weight Gain
Health Tips
The Power Hour: "Knowledge is Power"

4. While your group is research each member should be brainstorming creative ways to showcase the information in the infomercial (It needs to be 4-6 minutes long).

Step 2. Script Development:

Once your group has found all of the necessary resources needed to create an infomercial begin writing a script.
Script must include:
  • What the actors/actresses will say
  • The entering and exiting sequence
  • Movement of the actors/actresses
5. Create a list of all the materials/props that your group will need to film the infomercial.

Step 3. Making arrangements:

6. Set a date with the group members of when would be the best time to get together and film the infomercial.
You will have two class periods to work on creating this film. That means your group could film the infomercial one day, and the next class try to make all the edit. Either way edits need to be made to the infomercial so that it can flow.

7. Step up at least two meeting times with the teacher to rehearse some lines.
The two scheduled meeting times must be before the group presents their finally product.

8. Make appropriate arrangements with the teacher to acquire all the equipment that is needed to portray the infomercial.

Step 4. Film the infomercial (Have fun while you are doing this!).

Step 5. Editing iMovie:

9. While editing the iMovie make sure to do a sound check/set up so that points will not be taken off.
Make sure your group looks over the rubric to ensure that your project has met all of the requirements.

Step 6. Final Presentation:

10. Present the final product to the class on your assigned date.
Take a deep breath and relax because the hard part is over; now all your group has to do is showcase the final product.


You will be graded on two different formats: The oral presentation and the iMovie presentation. In the oral presentation you will be graded based upon your groups preparedness, enthusiasm, comprehension, how clearly you speak, the time limit, and weather you, as board of director member, listened to others present. In the iMovie presentation you will be graded based upon your group’s script, equipment preparation, research, teamwork, concept, and sound set up. Here is an example of an infomercial visit to formulate some great ideas.